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Student's QuickField™ is a complete and free version. Download it here !

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QuickField™ is a very fast and efficient FEA software specialized in electromagnetical designs with modules dealing with stress and thermal analysis. It is fast and easy to use, that is why it has users worlwide. We are its representative and support in France.


ActiveField is a way to access to QuickField™ functionalities in order to facilitate and accelerate the solution of a group of similar problems using scripts. using VBA, Visual Basic, C++, Tcl (tcom), Perl (perlcom) , or other softwares (Matlab®, Word..)

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Quickfield™ is a finite element software . It can handle problems magnetic, thermal, electrostatic and electrical problems and even strength of materials. It is extremely fast and can handle several millions of nodes without difficulty. For software in its class, its cost of ownership and ease of use are additional assets.

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